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Design Thinking, Agile… always putting the user first!


Hi! A bit about myself: I am passionate about Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Scrum, and other user-centered approaches. I am an experienced coach, detainer of the Advanced Track certificate of the Design Thinking School of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, certified Scrum Master and possess a MSc in Business Development and Entrepreneurship. I want to use my knowledge to create a positive impact on the world: if you work for a good cause we will find a way to work together, even if your budget is low!

A workshop with Aurelie will give a little kick in the butt to your employees, who will be challenged to think about underlying issues and to learn new ways of thinking.

I can moderate workshops on any topic with groups up to 120 people using, for example, liberating structures. Contact me if you want to have efficient meetings that do not waste your time!  

Check out my Design Thinking services if you want me to help your organization to focus more on their users and be creative.

Click on Design Sprints if you have a rather clear problematic and are ready to focus all your attention on it for one week.

Finally, check the Agile services if you want me to help you understand what agile means to your organization.

Discounts for startups, NGOs, and friends of our earth!



and services


Design Thinking


3h Introductory Workshop

Perfect for learning about Design Thinking, getting a first taste before committing. This format works well for groups of 5 to 30 people within any organization.

Price range: 500-1200


2 Days Problem Solving

In 2 days, we will focus on one specific problem you face in your organization and we will try to understand it and find solutions using Design Thinking. This is perfect if you like killing two birds with one stone: you will learn about Design Thinking while talking a real problem you face!

Number of participants: 4 to 10

Price range: 1000-1900€


Design Thinking In-house Strategy

You want to roll out Design Thinking to more than one team or one project? You do not know how to integrate Design Thinking in your everyday work? We will together think of a series of workshops to train “Design Thinking Champions” within your organization and develop an implementation plan.

Price range: depending on needs.


Design Sprint


1 Week Sprint

For traditional sprinters who commit to getting things done! At the end of the week, you will have felt like you did the equivalent of months of work on this issue.

Number of participants: 4-10

Price range: 2500-3900€

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Sprint 2.0 (4 Days)

5 days is too much to commit? Unfortunately, we live in the real world and it is hard to yourself for 5 whole days. Even though it is not recommended, the Design Sprint can be packed up in 4 days only.

Number of participants: 4-10

Price range: 2200-3400€




Scrum 3h Introductory Workshop

Perfect for learning about Scrum, the most widely used Agile framework: get a first taste before committing.

Number of participants: 5-30

Price range: 500-1200€


2 Days Scrum Training - for teams and Scrum Masters

In 2 days, the “agile champions” of your organization (people you have selected to participate in this workshop) will learn in depth tools and methods they can use back in the organization. This is a highly tailored workshop to your organization: price includes initial consultation for understanding your problem.

Number of participants: 4-10

Price range: 1200-2300€


Agile Assessment

I will assess the agility of each (or a selected number) of your teams and make a general Agile assessment of your entire organization. The results can be used to guide your Agile Transformation and to improve team performance.

Price range: depending on need

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